About Sarah Cannon Cancer Center

TriStar Sarah Cannon Cancer Center is a network of 8 affiliated medical facilities in Tennessee and Southern Kentucky that provides diagnosis and treatment to cancer patients. Our network is composed of physicians and teams who care for cancer patients throughout the region. This allows our patients treatment and medical care in a community setting close to home. All of our facilities operate cooperatively to provide prevention and state-of-the-art diagnostic tests as well as the latest treatment modalities.

Through the work of TriStar Sarah Cannon and its network of over 100 medical oncologists, OB/GYN oncologists, hematologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and surgeons in 2 states, more patients are benefiting from life saving cancer diagnosis and treatment. TriStar Sarah Cannon Cancer Center Network diagnosed and treated over 4000 newly diagnosed cancer patients last year.

TriStar Sarah Cannon has grown to become the largest community based, privately funded, diagnostic and treatment center in the country.

Through its affiliation with Sarah Cannon Research Institute, TriStar Sarah Cannon helps its patients gain access to research studies and oncology clinical trial programs. Annually, approximately 1,400 patients are participating in the treatment protocols established by our Nashville cancer center.